Re: Thumb dv audio breakup


I don't know the format of the incoming UDP packets that you receive from the different servers/reflectors, but if they have any kind of information contained within them such as a sequence number or originating time stamp then you could collate that info for the end user of your software and give it to them in say a graphical form or simple text form to let them know what the packet loss/delay/jitter is.

AMBE audio frames are 20ms each, so thats 100 packets a second you should be getting (on average), if you're getting less than that (on average) then that's one figure you could present to the user. You could also assign a fairly accurate timestamp to the incoming frames yourself to monitor the jitter level (change/difference in packet arrival time).

Any and all sources of information are often extremely useful in determining the source (in this case probably the internet) of these kinds of problems for the end user.

The user could also maybe do a tracert back to the server/reflector to maybe help determine a problematic node along the internet route ?

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