Re: Thumb dv audio breakup

Les Norton <gm4jnw@...>

From my point of view as an end user that simply wants to use the software I only want a solution, my technical experience is small as far as computing is concerned although ok as far as electronics
Buster to me is a nice piece of software and simple from an end users point of view.
However i can confirm that i get the same issue on my windows laptop with windv so I’ve sort of ruled out software as being the issue.

From my previous posting you can see that there is packet loss

1) transmit 8 seconds, return 6.8 seconds
2) transmit 11.3 secs return 7.8 seconds
3) transmit 15.1 secs return 11.1 seconds

Thats the report on 3 transmissions to REF001E

Ping results were also posted earlier.

I have reported this to my ISP so we will see what they can do.

Incidentally I use on a daily basis a program on the mac called FaceTime which is like Skype and never have any break ups or drops, i speak to my sons daily, one in Australia and one in Thailand, i would have thought that transmission with such software would drop out too but as i say I’m not very tech savvy.

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