Re: API's & Documentation Underway?

"John D. Hays" <john@...>

Hi Brian,

There will be APIs.  We are busy in development right now, and will be focusing on getting the radio ready for market.

We encourage development for this device, hence the high use of FOSS (Free Open Source Software) by NorthWest Digital Radio.

Development is pretty straight forward.  The device is running a Debian Squeeze distribution, so the baseline is familiarity with development under Linux.  In house development is done running a cross compilation tool chain on desktop Debian systems (to take advantage of multi-core processors and high memory), either native or as a VM, and the completed builds are transferred to the CPU board for the radio.

What we will provide are APIs to control the radio; frequency, shift, modulation choice, power, and any other similar controls.  We will also provide drivers to send and receive data between the CPU board and radio board,  and between the CPU board and the Vocoder board.

Since the integration is at buss levels, programs will be able to talk to the radio directly over the buss, eliminating some of the bottlenecks of previous implementations.

John D. Hays
PO Box 1223, Edmonds, WA 98020-1223 

On Sun, May 27, 2012 at 5:02 PM, Brian Duck <bkduck@...> wrote:

So, I'm interested in custom application development for the UDR56K-4.

Are there API's under development or documentation to review?

Thanks for your efforts on what looks to be a great platform.

Brian Duck

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