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From a user/administrator point of view, it's Raspbian/Jesse..

The Compass kernel is optimized for the UDRX and UDRC.  There are also some additional libraries, drivers, tools, and applications.


I have been unable to find anything about Compass Linux (only a framework app of that name).  Is there a website?

Bob, N7XY

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Now that we have switched to the RPi-2, we've had inquiries about using other single board computers.

The UDRX will ship fully assembled and tested with the RPi-2, but that doesn't mean you can't remove it and use a different SBC. Just be prepared to do a lot of work, with no guarantee of success, and no warranty for the result. Oh and you won't save any money either. because we won't ship units sans pi as there's no way to test it.

The RF Deck has a 40 pin socket and standoffs to mount the Pi upside down on the RF deck which makes it right side up when you flip the unit over. So if your MFC (My Favorite Computer) has the same form factor and pinout as the RPi-2 then you're half way there. If not then you'll have to figure out how to wire it up (see here for a suggestion).

Here's what you need to consider before "Hot-Rodding" your UDRX.

Hardware Interfaces Required:

  • I2C - Temperature and Gate Drive
  • UART with RTS CTS - Console Port or PiDV interface
  • I2S Bidirectional - IQ Transmit Receive (some boards are output only)
  • SPI with 5 Chip Selects - Configuration and ADC
  • 5V Operation

Software Issues:

The kernel package for NWDR’s Linux Distro, Compass Linux, a derivative of Raspbian, will be available in our Apt repository.  We will probably include  at least ircDDBGateway and APRX in Compass via redirects in our repository. Source will be available on GitHub.

The MODEMs, control software, and GUI Interface etc, written by NWDR, will be distributed as binaries in Compass Linux. The source will be available on GitHub.

Now I can't think of a good reason for actually doing this, beyond your personal desire. If anyone actually has something that the UDRX could do with the MFC that it couldn't do with a  Raspberry Pi-2, then by all means let us know.

Hope to see some of you at Microhams next month.

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