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If one stops to think about it, this is much more common than people may realize.

Look at your computer.  If it's not an Apple, Chromebook, or Microsoft Surface, you probably are running an Operating System and Applications that were not developed by the manufacturer.  If you have an issue with the software, the remedy is usually to contact the support network for the software, rather than the hardware manufacturer.

There are at least 4 different suppliers of software that use the ThumbDV.  Each of them have their own development and support cycle.  NW Digital Radio provides them basic integration information and in some cases contributes code (e.g. enhancements to AMBEserver), but the applications themselves remain under the umbrella of the various development companies or teams.

Incidentally, the manufacturers of similar products to the ThumbDV also use third party software.  One notable manufacturer also has their own application, in addition to 3rd parties, which has been in 'beta' for years at a time. 

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Interesting concept, manufacturer not related to software. Love that model!!

Don't get me wrong the product works however from a software support perspective I would caution users that this product is lacking.



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