Re: Thumb DV Software

Robert Copelan <rcopelan@...>

Choices are a wonderful thing but not every choice is for everyone.    If you want to be part of testing or developing leading edge innovative solutions then products like the ThumbDV, MMDVM and others are great hardware.    If you want to just use something that plugs in and works then products like the DVDongle and DVAP with the software from the product designer and supported by the designer are for you.   

The 2 types should not be interchanged as it will only lead to frustration (in either case).  

On Tue, Mar 1, 2016 at 5:42 AM, e.maletta@... [UniversalDigitalRadio] <UniversalDigitalRadio@...> wrote:

Interesting concept, manufacturer not related to software. Love that model!!

Don't get me wrong the product works however from a software support perspective I would caution users that this product is lacking.

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