Re: Thumb DV Software


As a software developer I got EXACTLY what I wanted from the DV3000 and the ThumbDV.  They provide a  hardware platform  from which I can base my code.  I was well aware that the software from NWD was beta, and it makes no difference to me.

Now, users of my software are told up front, before they are even allowed to download it, that it is in development.  The contract between the developer and the user is simple: I will give you code with the understanding that it may be incomplete and has bugs.  You understand it is incomplete and will agree to use it and report  back issues you find.  Simple.  If that contract is not acceptable, then nothing is lost.

The DV3000/ThumbDV is far from the only product like this.  Every single board computer I  own is a work in progress.  The hardware is solid (usually) but the software is always a work in progress.  From device drivers to Linux to applications, it is a moving target.  

This is what I like to do.  It may not be your cup of tea.  For me any product in this space that does NOT evolve and improve is a dead product.  Why bother?  If I wanted an appliance I would buy it from ICOM/Kenwood/Yaesu.


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