Raspberry Pi 3?

Steve Stroh N8GNJ <steve.n8gnj@...>

Bryan, John, all...

Any interest in the Raspberry Pi 3?

I'm guessing not, as from your previous descriptions the UDRX wasn't processor-bound.

Nice that they put Wi-Fi and Bluetooth onboard, but pity they didn't provide an antenna connector for applications like yours where it will be in a metal cabinet.

Any potential benefit from the 64-bit processor (even though your base OS, Raspberian will continue to be 32-bit)?

Mostly I'm curious if you plan to stick with the plan to use the Raspberry Pi 2 even though the Raspberry Pi 3 is out, same price, same form factor, same I/O?

Looking forward to the BBQ or demo of a nearly-shipping UDRX-440 at MicroHAMS Digital Conference in a few weeks.


Steve N8GNJ

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