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Thanks Mike.  I have a DVthumb and want to run DMR on it.

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If you are asking about the DV3000 or the ThumbDV, then yes I have done this.  I am in the middle of working on an application that allows one to use the DV3000/ThumbDV just like the DummyRepeater mode works for DStar.  I have been using it for a while and it works very well on both TX and RX.  This is part code is an outgrowth of a project to create a gateway between DMR and ALLStar/Asterisk and that project is nearing its completion.  Once I get a chance, I will open source the code and others can build on my efforts.

A bad youtube video:

Test with the DMRDongle GUI
Preview by Yahoo


The quality was not up to what I wanted so I never released it, but I am tied up with some family things at the moment and this will have to do.  I will do a better one at some point. 

Mike N4IRR

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