Re: dmr for nwdigital



The app runs on OSX and Linux (x86 or ARM) at this time.  On the PC I use the internal sound hardware with a headset.  On the Pi I have used an external sound fob (CM108) for sound (the Pi has no sound input!).  

On the Pi I have done both GUI based PTT (like the video) as well as VOX.  The Vox was cool because I used a HT mic with a ptt button.  Because the PTT gated the audio from the mic, I never had to worry about ambient noise triggering the transmit mode.  I just push the button and talk.  Just like a radio, ha.

The app can use either the DV3000 or the ThumbDV in direct serial mode or via the ambe server if you wanted.  I do often use AMBE server because I test on many devices and it is good to have a server when ever I need it.

If you wanted to look at some doc:

NOTE:  This repo is for the DMR to Allstar gateway, but it uses the same components as the dongle mode with a GUI.

There is no magic to building on Windows, just have not spent any time porting it.

Also if you are on Allstar, node 2100 is up and running the DMR gateway.


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