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Documentation is tied to product release.  

If one knows how to open audio devices under Linux and manipulate GPIO pins on a Raspberry Pi, then one has the basic knowledge to program the UDRC.

I use WiringPi for GPIO manipulation.  Source of the dstarrepeatercontroller will be generally available for examples.

On the HD-15 connector (used to connect to the DR-1X) there are unbuffered GPIO pins for:
  • COS and PKSQL (digital and 'analog tone' squelch) input
  • PTT and REMOTE (take over) output
  • 4 mode setting pins output

  • Discriminator audio from the DR-1X
  • Audio from the DR-1X
  • Tone In/Modulator to the DR-1X
  • Audio to the DR-1X

Ground and Power (The UDRC and Raspberry Pi are powered from the repeater)

The mini-din 6 will follow amateur radio convention, however the control pins will be buffered because of potential voltage differences.

More advanced topics will follow basic documentation.

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Is there any documentation on programing the UDRC?



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