Problem installing software for DV3000

Martin Kilgore <dongle2188@...>

My DV3000 dongle arrived today and I am trying to use it with Windows.

I downloaded NAtools64-1.0.15.exe from the Dutch site like it says on
the page. It will not install on either my
Windows 10 desktop OR my windows 8.1 laptop. Both times the installer
runs and throws an error that only says the installer stopped prematurely.

So, questions:
1.) Is this the right path to use the dongle for DMR (at least to start)
2.) is this the only software or will others work with this dongle?

Also, I have a chromebook running a dual-boot with Linux-ubuntu XFCE.
1.) Is it better to use this machine?
2.) Do I REALLY have to join 2 more yahoo groups (Ugh!) or can somebody
share a copy of the software for that?
3. I just use the Ubuntu software gizmo to add stuff to Linux. How would
I install this other software?

Thnx $ 73's

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