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Repeater operation, the SHORT answer.

Repeaters require full-duplex operation. NW Digital Radio is planning on releasing a Full Duplex Radio sometime next year pending response of our initial product.

P25, DMR, NXDN The LONG answer.

The UDR56K has the ability to support many protocols in software, limited only by modulation type, data rate and other ait interface limitations like TDMA.

The initial release supports the two most popular digital implementations D-STAR and AX.25 but you have to understand that we didn't write the vast majority of the software, the Amateur Community did.

Let's start with packet which was developed by Hams in the 80s.

Linux has an AX.25 Stack which implements the layer 2 protocol, and the Radio chip supports the underlying HDLC synchronous packetization directly.

To operate with the winlink system we use Linux RMS for the gateway and Paclink Unix for the client side. We have added a web browser interface with open-source webmail so you don't need Airmail or any other dedicated program to send and receive emails over the system.

For APRS, which also depends on the AX25 stack, we are integrating APRX which performs the various functions including acting as an I-Gate. GPS units are available OTS with Linux drivers as well.

As for D-STAR, there is also a lot of open source available. We use the g4klx suite including his gateway and repeater controller, as well as Ircddb as the database.

So the question is not whether NW Digital Radio is going to support P25, DMR, NXDN etc. It's whether the Amateur community feels there is enough value to dedicate their resources to it. Once that happens they can certainly port to our open-source platform. and we're here to help.


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Hi Bryan!

Any chance you will have a P25 repeater available? Timeframe?



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