Re: What's on the UDRC board? How is GMSK frames decoded?

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It also has a 5V 3 Amp buck regulrato which back-powers the Pi so it’s 12v compatible either externally or directly by the Yaesu DR1-X

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It is a high end sound chip (CODEC) and the modem is done in software. It is packaged with GPIO pins brought out to monitor and control the DR-1X. Drivers for the sound CODEC and GPIO management are implemented to drive the UDRC and DR-1X repeater. 

One could implement similar functionality in piecemeal fashion, however, NW Digital Radio has packaged it for you and makes for a simple installation. 

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I'm looking closely at the UDRC board to add d-star to a yeasu repeater. 

What is on the board to make this work?  Is there a GMSK decoder on the board? or is this supposed to be done in software?  The colloquial description I have heard of the board, is that it's just a nicely packaged "sound card".

Thanks for the clarification!

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