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Not sure if any of you have seen this:

Linux Based Decoder Software that supports:

• P25 Phase 1
• ProVoice EDACS Digital voice
• X2-TDMA - Motorola public safety TDMA system with P25 style signaling
(mostly based on DMR)
• DMR/MOTOTRBO - Digital Mobile Radio standard
• NXDN - 9600 baud (12.5 kHz) NEXEDGE and 4800 baud (6.25 kHz) NEXEDGE/IDAS
• C4FM modulation
• GFSK modulation (including GMSK and other filtered 2/4 level FSK)
• QPSK modulation (sometimes marketed as "LSM")

The following formats are currently under investigation or development:
• P25 Phase 2 - standard not finalized yet, vocoder is supported by mbelib
• OpenSky - four slot format vocoder may be supported by mbelib. Will not be
supportable if it is determined that voice encryption is not optional
• D-STAR - Voice frames recognized, vocoder not supported by mbelib. May be
possible to pass voice bits to DVDongle.
• Other formats will only be considered if high quality samples of the
signals are made available for download by the developers. Samples must be
from a discriminator tap, .wav format, 48000Hz, 16 bits per sample, mono.

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Subject: [UniversalDigitalRadio] Re: P25?

I was just thinking of 2 units to do P25 with!

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That's on the mobile side.

BS is constant carrier even for empty timeslots.

Format is TS1 - CACH - TS2 - CACH repeated.

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Subject: Re: [UniversalDigitalRadio] Re: P25?

The UDR56K has the ability to support many protocols in software,
limited only by modulation type, data rate and other ait interface
limitations like TDMA.

Is it capable of the 1.5 msec full tx power up/power down required by

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