Re: UDRC™ installation instructions for the DR-1X now available

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The Compass Distribution is Raspbian Jesse with kernel support for UDRC and future NW Digital Radio products.

If you plug the Pi into Ethernet, it will DHCP an address, and if your router lists what addresses it has handed out, you can SSH into it and make adjustments.  If you want a full graphic environment, I suggest installing xrdp (apt-get install xrdp) and use remote desktop (Microsoft for most platforms) to access the desktop.


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In an effort to be prepared to plugin the URDC hat when it arrives I thought I would download the image and setup my micro SD card. Went to and downloaded zip file. No problems. Extracted the image and installed it on the SD card. No problem. Ethernet cable works but I cannot get the Edimax wifi dongle to work. the Pi sees it and loads the module for it. by doing lsusb it shows the wlan adapter on Bus 001 Device 004 exactly where it does in my other Pi distributions. Iwlist wlan0 scan shows the available networks. So I know the adapter is working and seeing the wireless world. The Pi and Edimax wifi adapter work great with several other distros.  

I cannot do much configuration with the Pi plugged into the ethernet cable as I do not have an HDMI monitor there. Where I have an HDMI monitor I do not have an available wired network connection. So where I can see what I am doing I have no network and where I have network I cannot see. (Could be a country song there, hi) 

I recognize this is not a NW Digital issue but I can find very little information concerning the compass distribution and what is built in, what works and what does not. I have followed several different step by step guides to get it to work all with failure. A little bit of direction would be very helpful and I would be grateful. 

Thanks for all the help!

Rich KR4PI


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