UDRC Compass image problem

Bob Stille


I installed the latest Compass image from the link you provided to control the UDRC/DR-1X.  I had no issues installing the image, but after booting the image on the Raspberry Pi 3, my attempt to connect to WiFi has been unsuccessful.  Hovering the mouse over the Ethernet icon at the top right corner, I get the message: wlan0: Not associated.

I am able to connect to the Internet when hard wired with an Ethernet cable, but the Compass image doesn't seem to recognize the Pi 3 internal WiFi.  I have googled the issue and it seems others are having this issue, but I have not found a solution.  Please provide guidance as to where I can find information on getting Compass to recognize the Pi 3 WiFi.

BTW the Pi 3 WiFi is recognized by a different Linux image, and the Compass image does function with WiFi on my older Pi 2 so it seem that this issue is isolated to the Compass/Pi 3 configuration.


Bob    KC8MLB

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