Re: No UDRC listed after aplay -l

Peter Schrader

HI Steve,


Thanks for the quick reply, the micro-USB supply to the PI3 is 3A capable.


The instructions are not that precise on whether the UDRC requires a separate supply, did I miss something fundamental here?


Can I surmise that there are a few supply options

1.       UDRC draws power from the PI3 40way GPIO?

2.       PI3 is powered from the UDRC when 12VDC is connected to the +12V pad adjacent to the Dsub15 connector?

3.       Both are required?



Peter – VK4EA


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Sent: Monday, 4 July 2016 1:52 AM
Subject: Re: [nw-digital-radio] No UDRC listed after aplay -l


Are you using a wall wart or the 12 volts on the UDRC? If the wall wart, is it a 2 amp or better?


Just an idea...

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