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Well, if you don’t know how to “generate” data stream, decoding it is the first hurdle.


Ie, when “dstar” first came into light, ICOM didn’t freely publish the TCP/IP stack, it had to be “deciphered” and applications where written, application were used, to “gather the data” on how it worked.


DSD would be a great tool for understanding how the over the air protocol works for different modes, then one can work on building a transmit stream.


Before everyone was using GMSK modem chips for their “nodes”, but now people are using sound cards, and dsp chips doing it all in software.


You want to transmit P25? NXDN? DSTAR? And you want to do it now? Sorry to say, check out ebay.


I own 3 Dstar Radios (down from 5 and a repeater), and 2 NXDN radios and an NXDN repeater.


The cost of NXDN is way less then D-Star which is the sad part.


MTRTRBO is also looking very good price wise as well, (considering a “new” icom D-star Repeater w/Gateway server cost you 4K + (pc’s are not free, neither is the official icom gw software) if doing all “ICOM” labeled. MOTOTRBO Repeaters are around 2K ? I am not sure if it comes with the IP Option. Or how much more on top of the 2K.


There are a LOT of licensed operators who run scanners in their cars, and shacks, there great tools.


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But...  No transmit... 

I have seen it before, and its cool...  For unlicensed folk who like to listen to police scanners.  But I want to talk...  and for that, I need the other half of the code.

And I'm not smart enough to write it myself :/

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Not sure if any of you have seen this:

Linux Based Decoder Software that supports:

• P25 Phase 1

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