Where did the modulation go . . .


OK, after several frustrating hours I finally got the UDRC to the 
point where I could log on to reflectors. Heard the canned message 
about being linked. But heard no reflector audio. I assume that is 
because I had not yet set up port forwarding.

While trying to set up port forwarding something happened to my 
router. Not sure what. Lost wired internet connectivity. Dunno what 
caused it but eventually got it resolved and think the port forwarding 
is set up. Have wired connectivity back.

While I had lost wired internet, the wireless still worked. So I set 
the RPi up to connect wirelessly.  Apparently this is a mistake. The 
docs are totally silent on this. No reason not to connect wireless, 
right? The instant it connected wirelessly, the modulation 
disappeared, and, numerous reboots and restarts later, it has not 

So why does the radio connection care about whether the internet is 
wired or wireless? 
And how do I get modulation back?

PTT is still working. I get dead carrier when the UDRC ID's. Note that 
I also have no detection of RX modulation. Neither TX nor RX shows any 
response. The internet connection does work, I can see the activity in 
ircddbgatewayd.log. But nothing shows up in dstarrepeaterd@1.log. And 
I hear nothing over the air. Monitoring with a RX set to analog FM.

I checked the levels in alsamixer and those appear to be OK.

73, dave

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