IRCddB Help

Duff <wa7bfn@...>

Hello Gents;

I recently installed a UDRCII on a DRX1 Repeater... and it works GREAT... as advertised very nice...

I'm now trying to configure the IRCddB gateway ... I've follwed the configuration verbatim both in command line and GUI... to NO joy. 

I'm not a network guru...know just enough to get me in trouble..Just wondering if anyboy has a list of 

If it does that... if it doesn'tdo  this don't do that... :) I think you can see where i'm headed :)

I see a lot of activity on the log...(Glogg program) however can't get the unit to connect or setup the remote for same...

can somebody point me int he right direction before I lose what hair I have left:) 



duff in Spokane 

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