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This is often a user radio issue.

Make sure the radio is in DR mode with RPT1 as the module number and RPT2 as the 'G' module, and UR set to "Use Repeater" (On older radios you can set these individually and put CQCQCQ in the UR field).

The other thing to check is the /etc/opendv/dstargateway_1 configuration file and make sure you set

callsign=WW7DRX  B
gateway=WW7DRX  G

Using your repeater/gateway callsigns with the module letters in the 8th position.

Peruse both logs,  /var/log/opendv/dstarrepeaterd_1.log and /var/log/opendv/ircddbgatewayd.log

On Sat, Dec 3, 2016 at 6:41 PM, Duff <wa7bfn@...> wrote:

Hi John and others....

worked on the IRCddB Gateway config this afternoon...  Unable to connect via the usual methods...

WE looked at the Log Sheet. it says...RPT2 has the same Call as RPT so shutting down or something..

I see activity on the it seems the pi is seeing the gateway..just not the other way...being able to communicate... Ideas?



Duff Spokane 


John D. Hays

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