Brendan O'Neill

I have a ThumbDV and I'm trying to use WinDV on my Surface Pro 2 running Win10 and each time the WinDV loads it is troubled with grey/white diagonal lines rendering the app useless. I have uninstalled the app, did a regedit to remove all mentions, reinstalled and it continues to be troubled. I have played with screen resolution and color pallet and I cannot get the app to run correctly. Does anyone have any thoughts on how to resolve this? My current work around is using Buster on my MacBook Air, it's working but I'd like to solve that issue I am having in Windows 10 Surface. I run ThumbTest and it's working just fine with regard to system recognition it's just the software is not working well and with 3 emails into DutchStar and no replies I am curious what others are seeing with WinDV 1.5.3 Beta3.




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