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Since you have a Mac and Windows, you might want to consider setting up an AMBE server on your LAN, see:

Buster can address it, and DummyRepeater (+ ircDDBGateway) can address it on Windows.

I am sorry you are having difficulty with WinDV, but NW Digital Radio is only able to provide support for the ThumbDV and PiDV in the AMBE area.  Software support must come from the software authors.

By the way, there is a group specific for these devices at

On Thu, Dec 8, 2016 at 10:33 PM, Brendan O'Neill <brendan.oneill@...> wrote:

I've gone roughly 1hour w/o the app crashing or having display issues but the "stop" button to end a transmission is failing to engage once a transmission has begun. Thet's just bad amateur radio practice and if it's the app failing then that's no good. It's a pretty app but I'm not sure it's a very reliable app at this time. Well, I hope it's been noticed and addressed. I have no idea if they are reading my submissions, I get no replies.

I do not want just complain or point out faults. I do appreciate the application and the effort that's been put into it. So, thank you for the app and I hope my donation goes toward making it a better app.





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