Re: ThumbDV and SDR# / Virtual Audio Cable


i can decode such digital voice data with dsdplus (software decoder)

i use hdsdr (sdrsoft) ... virtual audio cable (to route digital audio towards dsd) ... and the decoding software




ps ... with using thimb dv i can not help ... sorry

Am 12.01.2017 um 19:52 schrieb Dirk, DL2DW:


Is it possible, to use the ThumbDV with SDR Software, like SDR#? Or can it be use, with the "Audio Virtual Cable" tool?

I want to decode DMR, D-STAR, etc. with my SDR receiver and a SDR software under Windows. My idea was, to take a ThumbDV to decode the stream from the sdr software.

Thank you in advance,

Dirk, DL2DW

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