Interface Screen Shot

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This is a quick screen shot of what the interface for winlink mail looks like. There will be more detail in the upcoming app note on the website.

Let's walk thru it.

When I sit at my home station doing RMS mail I typically have a TNC connected to the serial port/radio and the following windows open.

An email client
A console window to control connecting
A spreadsheet of local gateways containing frequency and other parameters

Now with the UDR 56K on the network I just open a browser window and point to the IP Address.

The email client is on another tab. It's neomail, a free webmail program but you could configure your regular email client to handle things.

The lower left frame is the control console. It's shell in a box and has sshed into the UDR. On shipping software, this will default to display only, but you can enable it in preferences and drive everything from the command line.

The right frame is also shell in a box running ax25spy. I love this feature. When I run airmail I can see the process but I can't see any other packet traffic. This way I get both at the same time. Think of it as a debug window.

And finally the upper left has a table which contains my local gateway info. The difference here is that it actually controls the radio, so all I have to do is click on a gateway and the frequency switching and connection is automatic. I can even check one or more gateways and have the system auto-connect to each of them in succesion.

You can export/import the table in csv format.

Lots more to come in the months ahead including multi-user login support.


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