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leslie norton <gm4jnw@...>

The only issue I have is with Buster software as i use a Mac, there isn’t the number of channels that are available e.g.: any DVU channels, my local repeater is on DVU49.
I cannot find any DVU listed on Buster.
I haven’t tried any windows software as that would mean me buying windows to use just for D-star and dual booting.
Im in the UK


On 8 Mar 2017, at 03:08, Phil Thompson <n39w121@...> wrote:

Hi Dave

I have been using the ThumbDV with WinDV for over a year, first with a Windows 7 laptop.  The Windows 7 laptop decided to leave this earth and I replaced it with a new laptop with Windows 10, the ThumbDV, WinDV and / or Windows 10 are not getting along, I have not been able to get on to D-Star. I will be glad to say more.

Please let me know how you do.

That's my short story

Phil, W6PD

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