DR-1X/UDRC DSTAR problems

Bob Stille



I have been unable to configure my DR-1X/UDRC to operate on D-Star.  When I power up the combo with the DR-1X in Remote mode, RX displays in white and in AUTO mode.  TX displays in red and in FIX (FM) mode.  I cannot access the Setup button.  When I remote into the Pi and open D-Star Repeater 1 (DVAP) -1- 20160131 – DEBUG, on the DR-1X TX changes to white and I can then enter the Setup menus.  The only way I have been able to have both RX and TX in AUTO is by turning off Remote.


The D-Star Repeater DEBUG screen log states:


            The Dongle is not replying with its name

            Cannot open the D-Star modem

            UDRCController: NWDR UDRC Detected


Please help!


Bob     KC8MLB


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