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We have the Alaska Pacific Net (Alaska Emergency Preparedness Net) and also 60 Meters where we are blessed to experience increased noise floor conditions and I am hoping to establish an HF DV voice net that we can use to communicate during these challenging communications conditions.


I’ve been following the ongoing announcements for the UDRC and PiDV/ThumbDV products and I feel it is about time for me to stop following and start moving!


I see the opportunity to expand this technology to the Emergency Management and Disaster Preparedness community if we can come up with a simple and effective turnkey solution.


Does anybody on the forum know of anybody incorporating this into the Amateur HF ALE Network? 

I’d be interested in experimenting with this using my Micom ALE radio.




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Hi Greg,


The primary amateur radio DV applications on HF are D-STAR ( and Codec2.  


The UDRC II is a candidate to support a Codec2 HF modem/controller.  I think there are people interested in doing this.


The UDRC II plus a ThumbDV could be the basis of an HF D-STAR modem/controller/AMBE encoder/decoder but an application is needed.


Do you have a particular application in mind?



On Thu, Mar 16, 2017 at 2:05 PM, Eubank, Greg (MVA) <Greg.Eubank@...> wrote:

Do you have any plans for or is anyone presently working on an HF DV application?




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