Re: HF DV:

Alex Perez

On Mar 17, 2017, at 3:22 PM, Tony Langdon <vk3jed@...> wrote:

On 17/03/2017 11:17 PM, bauerjv@... wrote:

I don't know that HF DV would have a value added for emcomm but FreeDV
700C is a new mode and I have heard it work when the waterfall was
barely visible.  The authors claim low SNR performance rivaling that
of low signal level SSB.

i agree with Andrew in general using previous digital modes, but if
700C indeed performs as claimed, that view may now outdated.

700C is under development, with the goal to equal or exceed the
performance of SSB on HF channels.  It is getting closer to that goal
all the time.  Latest results on non fading channels look pretty

And, for those who are curious, here are some samples of what Codec2 700C sounds like, along with a comparison of the same audio at 1300 bits/sec, instead of 700

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