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Thomas Cichowicz <cichowicz@...>

I've had similar issues from time to time. I've always been able to get the problem to go away by unplugging and re plugging the ThmbDV in and out, and or removing other USB devices that may be plugged in at the time and only have the ThmbDV in then re-launch the app. 

  Kinda hit or miss but it generally works. I've seen this on also 3 computers running Win7 64, I upgraded to win 10 on one of them and it still does it once in a while. 

  Good luck...


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On Apr 4, 2017, at 4:24 PM, Mark L. Rehme <mark.rehme@...> wrote:

I have 3 machines with windows 7 on them, they all have the grey/white diagonal lines.

I have uninstalled and installed numerous time on all the machines, at one time I though it was going to work but the lines came back.

I don't know what to try at this point, New machine with a different operating system?


Mark   NR5L

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