Questions regarding N7nix's installation instructions

Gayland Gump

I'm asking a these questions in an effort to increase my understanding of why and how we accomplish things in the Linux world.  They may be annoying to some of you, so I apologize in advance.  Sorry!

apt-get install -y mg jed rsync build-essential autoconf automake libtool git libasound2-dev whois libncurses5-dev

I'd like to know if mg (microscopic GNU Emacs-style editor), jed (editor for programmers (textmode version)), and whois (intelligent WHOIS client) are essential to the scripts you are providing, or are just tools you as the script author likes to have available?  If essential, how so?  

rsync - is already available on the compass image or is after the running "apt-get update -y"  you call for prior to the apt-get install above.  Does this serve any purpose then?

The remaining elements I recognize as being either tools or libraries needed to create an environment for building applications.

More questions I am sure will follow as I move forward while following your much appreciated instructions.


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