Questions regarding N7nix's installation instructions

Gayland Gump

So,  using a clean install of 2016-05-23-compass.img onto a 32 GB SD, and following the instructions provided in
and running the ~/n7nix/config/ script has, according to the follow on testing instruction has provided a working core installation, ax25, direwolf, and udrc.

As it stands, only one packet has been received in the 30 minutes that the system has be operating.  Possibly suggesting that the direwolf configuration could use some tweaks.  In any event I am looking at installing paclink-unix using these instructions: 
WooHoo! detected a second Packet!  Same sender though. 

But before I do I have a question regarding the information the instructions tell me the script will require I enter.  Specifically, Winlink password, server FQDN ( eg. check_test5.localnet), and SSID (eg. bacon).  Taking them in order here are my questions.

From what I can tell at present, I can't get a winlink password without having a winlink client up running to get one.  Winlink org instructions recommend winlink express, running on windows.  We are a windows free zone.  In any case, winlink orgs instructions say not to enter a password the first time you log on to, they'll send and email.  So do I just put anything in the password or leave it blank?  Instructions say it is required!

Server FQDN?  So just what server fully qualified domain name are we talking about here.  The example suggest to me that I just makeup some random FQDN.

Finally, SSID, I take to be the name of one of my home wifi access points, but "Bacon", who names their home networks "BACON".    Let me know if my assumption is off base here.

So, once I have some clarifications, on these particular items, I feel comfortable proceeding with the of the paclink-unix setup.

Thanks for your patience!  Looking forward to input.


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