Re: Questions regarding N7nix's installation instructions

Basil Gunn

It sounds like PTT control is not working.

What radio are you using?
Which cable are you using, mini-din6 or the HD15?
Did you make the cable or buy it?

Tune your radio to some unused simplex frequency & set to low power.

In ~/bin stop direwolf by running ./ax25-stop as root.
In the n7nix/deviation directory, find the script.

Depending on which cable you are using as root run either
./ -c din6
./ -c hd15

Look at the radio the udrc is attached to. You should see some
indication that it is transmitting.

Tune another radio to the same frequency you should hear a tone if
PTT is set up properly.


On Sun, 30 Apr 2017 17:12:47 -0700
"Gayland Gump" <kg7gcf@...> wrote:

Been trying to get paclink-unix to work but it is a no-go.  Am able
to send via wl2ktelnet, but wl2kax25 has been failing pretty
consistently with connection time outs to every contact site as provided that I've tried so far.  I'm monitoring the
spectrum with gqrx connected to an rtl-sdr and it appears that I am
successfully sending out packets from my yaesu ft857D.

I've set my freq to 144.390 and have seen a good number of APRS
contacts, on the direwofl log tail.  So I built xastir 2.0.9 from
source.  I started it and set the interface to AGWPE localhost:8000
and it was populating a map well.  I didn't transmit my beacon
though.  I've tried sending messages out and I believe direwolf is
getting the messages, they are not triggering the transmitter to
transmit packets.

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