WinDV and windows 10

leslie norton <gm4jnw@...>

I have passed my NW digital Thumbdv dongle on to an amateur in Wales and he is having real problems with installation with windows 10

I have only used it with a mac and buster plus an earlier version of windows 7.

He has windows 10 and when he puts the dongle in it makes a dong noise and windows pops up with trying to find drivers and will come back with a solution, it doesnt of course. He tells me he has loaded the drivers, whats strange is if he tries to run the software without the dongle, the software tries to run but of course it does not as there is no dongle in. When plugging the dongle in, nothing apart from windows trying to find a solution.

When i used it with windows 7 i just installed the FTDI driver, restarted and then installed the dongle, then ran the windv software and it worked.

Is there either an easy step by step guide for a beginner or someone near him in wales who could talk him through it.

His call sign is GW0FJQ and he lives in a place called GELLI RHONDDA Gelli, PENTRE CF41 7TW Wales (he can be found on QRZ)

He is pulling his hair out and has emailed NW digital, with no answer.

I really want it to work for him, i passed it on for a bargain price but if it doesnt work i'll just buy it back but he really wants to try Dstar this way.

I can send any member his email address but its not appropriate to enclose it on here.

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