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I have been trying to help Alun out since i sold him the dongle, never had problems with Win7 or Mac (buster) and not used Win10 but as your suggestion is to use an early version which was written for the blue dongle, would that work with Win10
I guess if so the best version would be V1.04 
Would this work, has it been tested with Win10?

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hi  thank  you  for  the  info  i  did  what  you  told  me  to  and  it  work  thank  you  but  what  i  am  getting  now  when  i   ptt  it  tell  me  this  invald    rpt1  gw0fjq  gw0fjq  alun  73
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Hi Guys 
There is now a Blue DV program BETA version  that supports thumb Dv for Dstar may be bit easier to use on Windows 10

73 M0MBV

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I had trouble with the beta version of windv crashing every time I opened it up.
I had installed it on a new windows install.
I solved the problem as follows:

1. Pull the dongle out of the USB port and start up windv.
     ( If your issue is the same as mine it should start up ok )
2. Go into your settings and make sure the baud rate is set correctly.
     ( It should be 4xx,xxx ... Something ... Look it up )
3. Shut the program down with the new settings.
4. Plug in your dongle and restart. Everything should work great.


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