ThumbDV and Buster on mac os Sierra - doesn't find USB port

Shawn Goodin

The subject says it all.

I received my ThumbDV today, and it works fine under Windows 10 with WinDV.

I'd like to use it on my Mac though, running Sierra (10.12.5).

Per the NW Digital web site, I did not install any FTDI drivers.

I have verified that the driver is loaded via kextstat - see output below:
MacPro:dev shawng$ kextstat | grep FTDI
  106    0 0xffffff7f81e2a000 0x6000     0x6000 (5.0.0) 51DB3F7C-B15A-3FD2-B57D-58547464BF8A <105 19 5 4 3 1>

But, no matter what I do, I cannot select any serial port in the pulldown in the Buster preferences.
Any suggestions?


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