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I would recommend powering it separately (either directly or through a USB hub), but the USB connection is there and its a matter of having a driver (Debian Linux).  A simple text based interface would put less tax on the processor, but I have run X-Windows over Ethernet to an external system without a problem.

There is also the option of the Web interface on WiFi to an iOS or Android device (phone or tablet), or possibly custom application written to do the same  over those devices.

The CPU on the radio is from the same manufacturer as this  -- though a different generation and slower (800 Mhz.) speed.

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On Sat, Jun 9, 2012 at 4:04 PM, VK5ZEA <michaelcarey@...> wrote:

Hi Everybody,

I know it's early days and all... and I'm probably thinking way too much this early on in development...

I've been thinking of ways to control the UDR56K-4 without having a PC connected.

Would the processor in the radio be powerful enough to drive a USB connected touch screen... something like the Mimo Monitors products?

A very functional but simple control system could be quite easy to come up with that works on a small LCD screen.

Just an idea...



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