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Vince Gill

Hello Jeremy. Can you please make Buster available in the Canadian App Store as well am sure many hams a around the world would like to use the app. Currently it's only available in the USA App Store. 

Thank You. 

On Sep 6, 2017, at 1:20 PM, Jeremy McDermond <mcdermj@...> wrote:

I have received many offers for help with the Apple developer fees and I would like to thank those that have written me privately.  I’ll be renewing the subscription on Friday morning when I get paid and I’ll work to reinstate Buster at that point in time.

For those that have offered donations, I do have a “Tip Jar” at  Please read the disclaimer carefully because the sentiment expressed there is the primary reason why I have historically been hesitant to take donations.  For those that have already donated: thank you.  It is very much appreciated.

I’ll keep folks updated as to status as I have time later this week.  Thanks for your patience.

Jeremy McDermond (NH6Z)

On Sep 5, 2017, at 8:21 PM, Jeremy McDermond <mcdermj@...> wrote:

I have not paid my Apple Developer fees for this year.  I am waiting until I’m in a bit more advantageous cash flow situation at the end of the week.  Until then, Apple will not allow any new downloads or upgrades of the program.  If you’ve already installed it, it’ll continue to work.

On Sep 5, 2017, at 8:19 PM, Kenny Richards <kenny@...> wrote:


What version of MacOS are you running? At this time Buster is only available for 10.12 (Sierra). If you are not running 10.12, it probably won't show up in the App Store. I know Jeremy talked about creating a build for 10.11 at least, but don't know the status of that.

Kenny, KU7M

Jeremy McDermond (NH6Z)
Xenotropic Systems

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