Re: PIDV AMBEserver installation nightmare

Steve N4IRS

When we were troubleshooting the problem with the ThumbDV and the Raspberry Pi, Mike N4IRR wrote a Python script to better test the DV3000. The script works with the PiDV, ThumbDV and AMBEserver.
If you want to give it a try it is at <>

Hope this help.
73, Steve N4IRS 

On 09/14/2017 04:44 PM, Flavio VE2ZFP wrote:
Hi everyone!

I have tried to compile AMBEserver following the directions on the NWDR the old method  (deprecated), the new method suggested by VK4TUX
which has no make file when you use the github  link on the NWDR site.  It says it install the server in /usr/sbin when it install in /usr/bin instead.
I have tried to set up on three different Raspberry Pi's A, B and B+ I also tried  Compass Linux that says it comes per-installed
but you have to install all dependencies wiringPi etc..Does not work at all. It has worked once when I bought it back in 2014 but I had to format my SD card and reinstall everything
from scratch.  Is there an easy way to do it?  I'm giving up. I've spent so many hours on it I don't know anymore if it's worth it.
When I do sudo AMBEserverGPIO -i /dev/ttyAMA0 with or without the start I get
Reset DV3000
Wrote Reset 5 chars
AMBEserver: unknown byte from the DV3000, 0x01AMBEserver: unknown byte from the DV3000, 0x00AMBEserver: unknown byte from the DV3000, 0x39.
Or using the old python method :
sudo ./dv3000d
dv3000d has been deprecated, please use AMBEserverGPIO for DV3000 or AMBEserver for DV3000U
Board is recognized
sudo python
Wrote: 5 bytes
Wrote: 5 bytes

Set DSTAR Mode
Wrote: 17 bytes

Any thoughts?

Thank you
Flavio VE2ZFP

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