Re: re dvthumb dongle


There is no firmware. 

Go to the file section of the AMBE subgroup in this group. There is a test program for ThumbDV. If it passes that, then it is likely a configuration issue or a weak USB port. 

On Nov 4, 2017 09:17, "Dave Austin" <davem0dkr@...> wrote:
very greatful for getting back still dont seem to get it to work do i have to upgrade the firmware very greatful again?

On 3 November 2017 at 19:00, Merle Watts <elremx@...> wrote:
Bluedv works good with thumbdv.  Just plug in usb and install bluedv for windows.  Then go through the setup.  Works for dstar and dmr.  Fusion is not working yet

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