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Are you currently running a G2/G3 gateway using the N4USI callsign?

Are you running 2 different repeaters with different callsigns on the gateway?

Yes, the ircddb admins can make changes to support the non-standard configuration.

Changing callsigns with your coordinator and eventually propagating that out should not be that big of a deal.  Personally, I would register N4USI on and run both the gateway and repeater on that callsign -- unless there is more than what displays here.  I have a gateway that used to be registered as a US Trust gateway, then both US Trust and ircddb, then I just let the US Trust know that it was no longer operating US Trust (really G4ULF) gateway software and simply listed the callsign (and module IDs) as a user callsign on the US Trust.  As far as know, it didn't even temporarily break anything.

On Fri, Jan 5, 2018 at 12:46 PM, Ken Jamrogowicz via Groups.Io <ke2n@...> wrote:

This is a replacement for a "freestar*" install that used a version of g2_ircDDB which allowed the "Owner" of the gateway (the call registered with ircDDB) to be different than the call sign of the repeater.  I think this feature was mainly aimed at hot spots, but it allowed us to share a gateway between two repeaters that had different call signs.  N4USI appeared as W4BRM-C from the Internet side (for example on the ircDDB "heard' list).  On the air, users entered N4USI-C and N4USI-G to access the gateway as you indicate. They don't "know" that they are using W4BRM-C unless they looked online.

I tested changing the call sign of the repeater to W4BRM and now I do show up in the last heard list - so I guess this gateway does not allow the different repeater/gateway call signs to be used (like my old one).  

The problem here is that N4USI is registered as a US Trust call sign, so I cannot register it as an ircDDB gateway call sign.  Yet I would like to use it on the air as before.   To use W4BRM-C I would have to make changes with the local repeater coordinating council and all repeater directory sources (etc).

Do you suppose I can just drop an email to the ircDDB folks?







John D. Hays
Edmonds, WA


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