Re: If you will be in Seattle, March 24th -- Get tickets now. #microhamsdigitalconference

Kenny Richards


There is a very long and sad/funny history around the MHDC and being record. Since the second or third year, we have tried to record all the talks. We have had various levels of success with that. A couple years we started recording and sending the stream to YouTube, which worked great in 2016 and not so good in 2017. 

This is a long way of saying, yes. We will record it and also stream it live. I will start posting some of the details in the next week, I still need to set up some things so there is a link for people to use. My co-conspirator and I have recently done a walkthrough of the space to plan out camera placements and will be doing a full dry run in a couple weeks. I hope this will allow us to accomplish our goals, but given our track record, I have trouble being highly confident. This is something we like doing but isn't something we claim to be good at. 

Kenny, KU7M

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