Help NW Digital Radio with your view on GPS for new product


NW Digital Radio is seeking input for the next Raspberry Pi based Amateur Radio digital station platform.

The new Raspberry Pi HAT will contain a CODEC (sound card) based on the successful UDRC II and will include two amateur radio packet standard mini DIN-6 ports allowing one or two radios to be connected with PTT and SQL detect and support programs/protocols such as:

Direwolf - providing multi-speed packet radio modems (2 channels) [APRS, RMS, Xastir, URONODE, ...]
wsjt-x - K1JT family of digital modes including FT8
fldigi/flrig/... - digital modes
and more

This will be an integrated package, in a custom case, with available pre-built images requiring minimum configuration.

Please participate in the survey here, and give your opinion on GPS integration.  It is only one multiple choice question and should only take a minute of your time.

Take the Survey

Thank you.

Feel free to forward this email to appropriate individuals and mailing lists.

John D. Hays
Edmonds, WA


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