Re: Can Windows BlueDV be installed into Linux with Msiexec and Wine


You may want to try native linux dstar program instead of trying to emulate windows on linux.

On 04/13/2018 04:48 PM, KB3OIL via Groups.Io wrote:

I had BlueDV installed on my Win 10 computer and used it with my ThumbDV with no problems.  My year old Dell recently dumped all for the fourth time.  Dell talked me through a software fix once and it went back to Dell hardware people twice for fixes.  Everything had to be reinstalled  each time.  After this recent major problem I dumped Windows 10 and installed one of the Ubuntu Linux's.  I now understand that AMBE 3000 is not a part of the Linux version of BlueDV (let me know if that is not correct).  I'm pretty much new to everything (except the world) including Linux.  However I did stumble on a site saying you can install a .msi file (Microsoft Installer) with Msiexec and Wine (Google both together).  I have not had any success doing this, but like I said, I'm still new to all of this.  Has anyone tried using these files or are able load BlueDV and use their ThumbDV with an Ubuntu version of Linux.


Note: This topic is better addressed in the ambe subgroup.

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