Re: Can Windows BlueDV be installed into Linux with Msiexec and Wine


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On Fri, Apr 13, 2018 at 7:18 PM, 임성규 <hopeseoul@...> wrote:
 Thank you for your kind reply.
I found the cause of ThumbDV.
1. Raspberry Pi 3 When the power supply voltage is 5.0V
    Only one of the two ThumbDVs worked.
     And one has an error.
2. When Raspberry Pi 3 power supply voltage is 5.1V
     Both ThumbDVs were working.
3. I changed the Raspberry Pi 3 power to 5.1V.
4. The ThumbDV supply voltage was found to operate at 5.1V.
I found it difficult to get ThumbDV power to work at 5.1V.
ThumbDV now knows that the voltage works well at 5.1V.
You should also refer to this
I will send ThumbDV commodity price $ 110 X 2EA = $ 220.
I do not know how to send.
I will learn how to send.
And I will send you $ 220.
Please understand that it takes a little time.
Thank you.

2018-04-14 8:48 GMT+09:00 KB3OIL via Groups.Io <>:
> I had BlueDV installed on my Win 10 computer and used it with my ThumbDV
> with no problems.  My year old Dell recently dumped all for the fourth time.
> Dell talked me through a software fix once and it went back to Dell hardware
> people twice for fixes.  Everything had to be reinstalled  each time.  After
> this recent major problem I dumped Windows 10 and installed one of the
> Ubuntu Linux's.  I now understand that AMBE 3000 is not a part of the Linux
> version of BlueDV (let me know if that is not correct).  I'm pretty much new
> to everything (except the world) including Linux.  However I did stumble on
> a site saying you can install a .msi file (Microsoft Installer) with Msiexec
> and Wine (Google both together).  I have not had any success doing this, but
> like I said, I'm still new to all of this.  Has anyone tried using these
> files or are able load BlueDV and use their ThumbDV with an Ubuntu version
> of Linux.
> Note: This topic is better addressed in the ambe subgroup.


John D. Hays
Edmonds, WA


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