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Yes.  You can use ircddbgateway with a Raspberry Pi -- see

I used to belong to the W7UQ club, but won't hold that against you :)

I would be glad to help you sort it out.

On Tue, May 1, 2018 at 7:30 AM, Jim Kusznir <jkusznir@...> wrote:
Hi all:

I'm helping mentor a college ham club that has an Icom D-STAR repeater hardware (UHF radio module + controller) that was at one time a full D-STAR repeater.  Years ago, the networking and matching server got disturbed, and it has been operating in "standalone" mode for quite some time.  

The specifics of the repeater location means that traditional servers located at the "tower site" are inappropriate, so the generation of students who got it up did some "network magic" and got it tunneled back to a data center where a VM ran the D-STAR repeater.  I remember getting the software and required networking in place was quite a challenge.

Now, I understand that there are additional options available, possibly even options that allow using a Raspberry Pi as the D-STAR server.  Is this correct?  Can others point me to where to get the server software (any variants -- Icom or 3rd party) that would work with the Icom repeater hardware?

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John D. Hays
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