blueDV; Windows 7 & ThumbDV 3000

Douglas F. Enoch

Can someone help?  I have a 2.2 GHz Lap Top; Windows 7; blueDV latest version(09499); a new ThumbDV 3000.  When I installed it:  (1) it transmitted and received on group 3100 the first time but not the second time?? (2) it did still receive 3100. (3) rechecked all settings.  (4) then switched to Tac 311 which it displayed but it still received 3100?? (5)  Switched back to 3100 but Now the Prompt says “negative Lock”?? (6) It will not lock on anything??   The only video for this installation is from England not US and is not complete info on all Boxes.  Also requires info not supplied??  Is there a written install list or better video?  Please reply if you have a suggestion.  I am 71, disabled and visually impaired.  73,  Doug…KD8YVD   doug.enoch@...

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