Re: blueDV; Windows 7 & ThumbDV 3000

Eric Osterberg

Kerchunk the talk-group you want to use... That will cause a link.
Kerchunk on 4000 to disconnect.

On Wed, May 2, 2018 at 11:31 AM, Douglas F. Enoch <doug.enoch@...> wrote:

Thank you very much the.   4000 issue was the problem.  But, I am not sure about what “issuing a link command” is??   Doug…KD8YVD


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Subject: Re: [nw-digital-radio] blueDV; Windows 7 & ThumbDV 3000


You must issue a 4000 Group call  before you go to a second TG. Try that.  If that does not take care of the "negative lock" then I would uninstall blueDV and reinstall it. Every time you start blueDV you will need to issue a link command. 

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