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Curt Mills, WE7U

On Thu, 10 May 2018, Jonathan Naylor via Groups.Io wrote:

The UDRX has quadrature inputs and outputs it seems and if the TX chain is linear then we have something very impressive indeed. It will be capable of *any* mode that fits in its bandwidth including SSB and CW!
Sounds great, except I'd change that to "would have had quadrature outputs". The product won't see the light of day now. That's a bummer 'cuz back when it was announced I was quite interested in buying one.

Instead check out the HackRF, the LimeSDR, or the LimeSDR Mini: More capability than the UDRX would have had. Add an amp or three and you've got any mode you want on any of 100 kHz to 3.8 GHz (LimeSDR as an example). Has 6 Rx and 4 Tx connectors, so you can have an amp and/or antenna per band as well.

I think the Lime's do 10mW out, so an amp is pretty much required. This is not that dissimilar from my ANAN10 HF rig that has a separate amp to get it to 10 to 15W.

LimeSDR Mini: $140
LimeSDR: $300
HackRF: $300

Plenty to choose from these days.

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